Math Command(s)

All the math command(s) available in the bot as of now.

1.d!maths [TYPE] {SUB-TYPE} {CONTENT}

This command will help you get answer to your maths problems. It has 3 Types - algebra , calculator and other

There are 3 Sub-Types for Algebra - simplify, derivative and other There are no Sub-Types for calculator and other

Algebra command example(s) - 1.d!maths algebra simplify x^2 + x + 3 + x^2 2.d!maths algebra derivative 2x^2 + 3x + 4 3.d!maths algebra other find the value of x if x+2=0 Calculator command example - 1.d!maths calculator - This will initiate an in-discord virtual calculator Other command example - 1. d!maths other trignometry value table

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Algebra Preview

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